Oral Topics for 2019-2020

  • Meet 1: Planning and Scheduling. Source: For All Practical Purposes by COMAP (Sixth Edition) -- Chapter 3 -- ISBN: 0716747820
  • Meet 2: Geometric Constructions. Source: College Geometry by Nathan Altshiller Court -- Chapter 1 -- ISBN: 0486458059 -- Oralists are not expected to construct precise diagrams with compass and straightedge on the chalk/white board during presentation, but rather sketch their constructions and explain them. Emphasis is on understanding and proving constructions, rather than precision with tools.
  • Meet 3: Continued Fractions. Source: Continued Fractions by C.D. Olds -- MAA New Mathematical Library -- Chapters 1--3 -- ISBN: 0883856093
  • Meet 4: Voting Methods. Source: For All Practical Purposes by COMAP (Tenth Edition), Chapter 9 ("Social Choice: The Impossible Dream") and Chatper 10 ("The Manipulability of Voting Systems"). Source available through ICTM. See email communication if you do not have access. The 6th edition, Chapter 12, is usable but not ideal. (2013-2014)