Board Meeting 2000-2001

Minutes from May 10, 2001

In Attendance: John Benson (Evanston Township H.S.), Carol Miller (Glenbrook North), Chris Thibaudeau (Stevenson), Judy Zelinski (Barrington), Jim Breunlin (Schaumburg), Rich Muller (St. Patrick), Craig Morse (Naperville North), Wanda Gongol (Libertyville), Pam Sullivan (Conant), Mike Andrews and Peter Nilsen (Maine South), Tom Weisgram (Glenbrook North), and George Pryjma.

  1. Treasurer's Report: Carol Miller distributed copies of the 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 NSML financial statements, noting that our $1488.26 balance as of 5/7/2001 is more than the prior year balance of $516.72, but much less than the 1998-1999 balance of $3,042.97. Because there are some bills still outstanding and another set of All-Conference notebooks will cost over $2,000, our current balance isn't as comforting as it appears to be. Please note also that about half of the balance is attributable to Contest Question fees paid by the Greater Atlanta Christian League and by the "Ingenuity Project". These are renewed on a yearly basis, and there is no guarantee that this money will be paid in the future. Carol also asked that member schools be reminded to return unused ribbons to John Benson at ETHS. The League paid $2456.60 for ribbons this past year --- almost a fourth of our budget!

    Duplicating and mailing costs for contests are also significant expenses. Wanda Gongol suggested that perhaps single copies of contests and solutions could be mailed or e-mailed to host schools, which would then duplicate these as needed. Because not all schools had duplicating resources when NSML began, the League has been mailing complete contest sets to host schools. Any school needing complete sets mailed would be allowed to request this service. The idea will be discussed at the May 16 Coaches Meeting.

  2. You will note that the NSML made a donation to a memorial for Dwight Love. He was head of the Atlanta group that purchase our contests. Dwight was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, chose to continue teaching as long as he was able to, called his school on a Friday morning that he was no longer able to teach, and died the following Tuesday. He was a dedicated teacher of mathematics.

  3. Our question writers and proof readers have done an exceptional job this past year. There were almost no appeals regarding problems. Please thank our question writers and proof readers for jobs well done. Too often, all they hear are complaints.

  4. Richard Muller presented a list of possible NSML dates for 2001-2002. Approximately 15-20 schools responded to Richard's request that dates of parent conferences and open house meetings be reported to him. The Board adopted the following contest schedule:

    Wednesday, 3 October 2001
    Thursday, 1 November 2001
    Thursday, 6 December 2001
    Thursday, 7 February 2002
    Thursday, 7 March 2002

    Other good-to know dates are:
    12 February 2002 -- American Math Contests (formerly AHSME)
    23 February 2002 -- ICTM Regional Contests
    26 March 2002 -- AIME
    27 April 2002 -- ICTM State Contest

  5. Pam Sullivan again hosted the Topics Meeting. Copies of the Contest topics for 2001-2002 will be distributed by Pam. Please note that probability is the unifying topic for all four contests in Meet #2. This should give coaches the opportunity to have students coach those at lower grade levels. Please note that seniors will be allowed to use TI-89 and TI-92 calculators in Meets 2, 3, 4, and 5. No laptop or "palm pilot" computers/calculators are allowed. Coaches may wish to discuss the use of TI-89/92 calculators in the 2002-2003 academic year.

    The Oral topic selections require the purchase of a new book -- it is available on and is probably good for 10 Oral topics!

  6. John Benson announced that Willowbrook and Antioch High Schools have left the NSML and will be replaced (tentatively) by Mundelein High School and Jones Academy (Chicago). Mike Andrews will need to know the final school membership in order to complete division memberships for 2001-2002.

  7. The Coaches Meeting of NSML will be on Wednesday, May 16, 2001, in Room C101 at Maine South High School (1001 Dee Road, Park Ridge). The meeting will begin at 4:15 pm.

  8. Thanks to the Board members who keep NSML running, the coaches who work hard to prepare their students for contests, and Mike Andrews and Peter Nilsen for hosting both our Board and our Coaches meetings at beautiful Maine South.

Submitted for your edification and approbation by George Pryjma (soon-to-be Niles North emeritus: anyone need a handyman?)