Coaches' Meeting 2004-2005

Minutes from May 18, 2005

  1. Treasurer's Report: The financial statements from the last two years were included with the minutes of the board meeting. Coaches who wish to receive a copy should contact Steve Goodman (from Glenbrook North), who is taking over as the league's treasurer.
  2. Date change for Meet 4: It was proposed and approved that the meet 4 date be changed to February 2, 2006.
  3. Topics:
    • Written topics and oral topics were included in the board minutes.
    • The oral topic for meet 4 will be announced and posted on the web site as soon as the ICTM announces their topic. The topics for 2006-2007 are proposed at this time and have not yet been approved.
    • Coaches are responsible for carefully selecting and preparing their oral judges. Judges need to be familiar with the material and with the source.
  4. Schedule and Dates: Coaches were asked to submit a conflict form found on the web site (in the Coaches Area) by the end of next week.
  5. Statistics and Divisions: Statistics for the year were available for coaches to pick up. Divisions for 2005-2006 will be determined once we know for certain which schools will be in the league next year.
  6. Ribbons: Joe Kostol asked if it would be okay to do one mailing of ribbons to all host schools at the beginning of the school year, rather than mailing them before each meet. Coaches agreed this was a good idea. Joe also requested that coaches return unused ribbons to him and include a count of how many are being returned.
  7. Old Business: When coaches of host schools receive materials for a meet, John Benson requests that they immediately reply to him that they were received. It will save him a lot of work and follow up if coaches let him know the materials arrived.
  8. New Business:
    • A proposal to allow CAS calculators at all levels was voted down. An alternate proposal to allow CAS calculators for juniors and seniors for 2005-2006 was approved.
    • There is some question about several schools remaining in the league next year. Coaches are encouraged to have schools not in the league contact John Benson if they are interested in joining.
    • John also thanked retiring board members for their many years of service to the league.